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Yacht Charter Asia

A sunny summer day a couple of years back a few friends and me went dutch on chartering a lovely Princess Yacht in Phuket - Thailand. We had a great day at sea with all the ingredients. Tasty snacks, lunch at a fishermans island, good wines and generaly a lot of fun on board and in the water.

Sitting on the flybridge with a cold beer heading home I said to one of my friends,"am I glad we did this, that was truly a day well lived". Without hesitation he replied "yeah, now we need to string enough of them together, then we do have a life".

This stuck with me since then. In its simplest form that is what we are here to do, "to live life well". Isn't it?

Out of this premise the concept of Yacht Charter Asia evolved; making sure that the charterer has a great time, that the owner or broker gets his yachts chartered to a good client and that the agent pampering the client makes a good comission for his work.

When all these three people are connected in synergie, then we have done our job and helped each of them to "a day well lived".

Yacht Charter Asia

Let us assist you in experiencing the most memorable and outstanding  holidays possible.

Chartering a yacht can be the ultimate way to spend an entire holiday or just one special day. What are you going to do with your most precious time? Take a moment to imagine.

- Will you assemble your family and spend a week at different tropical locations like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Andaman islands, Philippines exploring, diving, riding waterski and enjoying skillfully prepared seafood dinners while the sun sets on the horizon?

  • - Will you get to know your kids better while sailing through breathtaking archipelagos?
  • - Will you rise to the competitive challenge of a regatta race or will you just relax in an on-board Jacuzzi, with the person you love most while being served utter luxury by unobtrusive and well trained staff?

The possibilities are as wide as the Ocean, and the choice is yours; Live aboard diving trips, uninhabited remote islands, a sunset cocktail with friends, an event or corporate entertainment program, deep sea fishing, romantic beach dinners or learning to sail.

Most people who chartered a yacht once will do it again and over again. It seems that it is the best way to get most out of your time. Most relaxation, most action, most closeness, most secludedness, most luxury and most essentialism. A yacht charter is truly you and all about what you want.

We are here to guide you on the way and make sure that you get all you want and then that little bit extra.


Contact us for a day well lived and then string enough of them together for an outstanding life.

Yacht Charter Asia

Take advantage of presenting your yacht (s) to a truly world wide audience. Listings are free and we are fast becoming the number one reference for chartering in Asia.

Once you list your yacht with us it will be publicised through the following channels listed below:

- Website, we implement cutting age search engine optimization and back linking

- Worldwide Mailing lists, compiled during many years working with brokers and individuals we will send your listing to thousands, including all big brokerages worldwide.

- Social Media Marketing, facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, and "a small world"

- Purchased traffic from quality traffic providers

- Yacht shows, we are present at most major yacht shows (Europe, Asia, America)

- Direct sales, our Agents do personally present your yacht to 4 and 5 Star resorts and Travel Agencies in your cruising area and do follow up accordingly

- Feature articles, periodically send press releases to major industry publications. All the big names are on our list**

- Print advertising, stand alone or together with other yachts***

- Listing in partnering websites and industry leading charter portals around the world (MYBA, Charterindex)**

Our system makes listing of motor yachts, sailing yachts and super yachts extra easy and you will have a dedicated login where you can adjust your yachts and your personal details accordingly. You will also have your picture and the Logo of your company published next to your yacht listing.


Click here now to create your free Owner/Broker Account.


**These features are not available to all yachts. Some are only available to Yachts listed under Central Agency Aggreements and others are paid for services.

Yacht Charter Asia

You work with clients either in a travel agency or at a hotel, villa resort or any other service?

I have good news for you. Use our super easy search to find the ideal yacht for your customer. Book the yacht while being logged in with your agents account and receive up to 10% commission on every sale.

We will help you communicate with Yacht owners and brokers and choosing the right yacht. Easy as one two three and if you do have any questions during our partnership you can contact us any time for real help.


Click here now to create your free Agent Account.


Featured Yachts

Hot Offer!!
start  $ 77.000
Indonesia  ♦ 
We are delighted to announce the debut on the Indonesian charter market of DUNIA BARU, (Indonesian for 'New World'). This beautiful sailing yach...
Length : 167.00 ft ♦  Guests over night : 14
Hot Offer!!
start  $ 5.550
Thailand  ♦  Phuket
THE PERFECT CHOICE, NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR LARGE YOUR PARTY. Lady Kathryn is the perfect charter vessel. She is equally well satisfying families an...
Length : 80.00 ft ♦  Guests day cruise : 25 ♦  Guests over night : 8
Hot Offer!!
start  $ 49.000
Philippines  ♦  Manila
Lady Hoo One of the last truly Gentlemen's Yachts, extensively refitted and magnificently redecorated in 2008, Lady Hoo combines the traditional wa...
Length : 111.00 ft ♦  Guests over night : 9
Hot Offer!!
start  $ 4.000
Indonesia  ♦  Bali
Substantial Discount for Merry Makin Komodo Charters This is the only luxurious motor yacht to be chartered at Komodo Islands. Get ready for the c...
Length : 75.00 ft ♦  Guests day cruise : 20 ♦  Guests over night : 6
Hot Offer!!
start  $ 87.000
Thailand  ♦  Phuket
Sensational Double Offer from Lady Arraya Expires March, 2012 To promote our stunning cruising destinations in Asia amongst the European and Amer...
Length : 132.00 ft ♦  Guests day cruise : 25 ♦  Guests over night : 10
Hot Offer!!
start  $ 11.000
Indonesia  ♦  Bali
We introduce international pleasure seekers to the enchanting world of the tropics with custom made charters throughout the Indonesian Archipelago ...
Length : 130.00 ft ♦  Guests over night : 14
Hot Offer!!
start  $ 5.000
Indonesia  ♦  Raja Ampat
At 100ft in length this splendid yacht was designed along exquisite classic lines for private yacht charter and luxury expeditions in South East ...
Length : 100.00 ft ♦  Guests day cruise : 50 ♦  Guests over night : 12
Hot Offer!!
start  $ 36.000
Singapore  ♦  Singapore
Reduced Rate and Special "Asian Winter" Offer for Brokers and Guests Expires October 2011 Nymphaea has just reduced her charter rate to 25.000, -...
Length : 108.00 ft ♦  Guests day cruise : 50 ♦  Guests over night : 7

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Burma - Mergui Archipelago

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